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Laura and Teri in action

How Do They Do It? Upon first seeing the text appear like magic as each word is spoken, many people believe that this is accomplished using voice recognition software. But they soon come to realize that it is the amazing skills of Teri and Laura that produce the near verbatim transcription. As Teri and Laura type on their steno machines, the specialized software on their computers finds a match in each of their personalized dictionary files, creating an accurate instantaneous translation.

Which Services are Right for You?

We offer two basic services which can be used in various ways: instant transcripts and CART reporting or captioning. While these services are not exclusive of one another, it is important for you to determine what your primary goal is - providing access for Deaf or hard of hearing participants or obtaining an instant transcript immediately following an event.

Instant Transcripts
When you need it fast, call us for an instant transcript! The term "instant transcript" sums up this service perfectly. Whether the transcript is being made from an audio or videotape, on-site at a live event or remote, as each word is spoken, it is translated on our screen in real time. At the conclusion of the tape or the event, we perform a fast edit of our file, run a spellcheck, and make an ASCII file of the transcript. Our client has a full text version within moments of the conclusion of the event!

An instant transcript from Brewer & Darrenougue provides an easy way to create an accurate and timely record of any event. The instant transcript has a variety of uses - as an invaluable aid to the creation of minutes of a business meeting, a complete transcript of a seminar available for immediate distribution, or full text of a speech uploaded to your Web site.

CART/Captioning and Live Web Streaming
CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation) services may be performed either on site or from a remote location. As words are spoken, the realtime text is displayed or streamed live over the Internet. CART or text captions can be displayed for one person, an entire room, or streamed to multiple locales, and the text is readily available for later use. Most of our CART and captioning clients also use our instant transcript service and find the instant transcript to be an invaluable resource.


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